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At NLMS we use a curriculum called TAB!

What is TAB?

Teaching for Artistic Behavior

  • Developed over the past 30 years by classroom teachers and through classes at Massachusetts College of Art

  • TAB is a collection of shared strategies that focus on the belief that children benefit from authentic experience based on their individual interests.

  • TAB is a philosophy, a methodology, and a professional learning community.

What is the research base?

TAB borrows from Howard Gardener’s multiple intelligences, Victor Lowenfeld’s work with children’s developmental stages of art, constructivism’s focus on following children’s interests, collaboration, and individualizing instruction.  Harvard’s Project Zero:  Eight Habits of Mind inform the pedagogy as well.

We also use:

8 Habits of Mind:

  1. Develop Craft

    1. We learn how to use and take care of tools and materials.

    2. We learn “artist tricks” to make our art stronger and more beautiful.

  2. Engage and Persist

    1. We learn to think of an idea and work to make it come true.

    2. We learn to keep trying when something we don’t expect happens.

  3. Envision

    1. We learn to see a picture in our minds before we can see it on our paper.

    2. We learn to imagine possible “next steps” in making things.

  4. Express

    1. We learn to use our own ideas to show what is important to us.

  5. Reflect

    1. We learn to question and explain:  to think and talk with each other about our work.

    2. We learn to evaluate:  to judge how well our work and our ideas measure up.

  6. Understand Art World

    1. We learn about who artists are and what they have done in the world.

    2. We learn to act and work like artists in a community of other artists.

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In the Art Studio we learn to use our Minds!