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Harmon, Heath Assistant Principal
Barnett, Debbie Principal
Guinn, Donnie Behavioral Assistant Principal
Arnold, Wendy Counselor
Vincent, Rhonda Counselor & English

Aderholt, Laurie Sixth Grade - Language Arts
Agricola, Laura Spanish
Bailey, Greg Career and Technical Education - Technology
Barnett, Jayne Related Arts - Physical Education
Barton, Kate Sixth Grade - Title I Reading
Bates, Angela Eighth Grade: Reading/Math
Brooks, Jay Sixth Grade Physical Education
Brown, Thomas Related Arts - Physical Education
Browning, Justin Seventh and Eighth Grade - Science
Buckley, Mindy Related Arts - Art
Clark, Tricia History
Coley, Gay Seventh Grade - Math
Courson, Rhonda Eighth Grade - Language Arts
Ellison, Sherry Special Education
Faircloth, Billy Sixth Grade - Science
Fleaman, Joseph Seventh Grade - Science
Fleaman, Tina Seventh & Eighth Grade - Social Studies
Fossett, Tai Seventh Grade - Language Arts
Henderson, Jamie Seventh Grade - Special Education
Holmes, Leanna Seventh Grade - Math
Jordan, Kristen Family and Consumer Science
Lambert, Melissa Eighth Grade - Math
Looney, Tyler Sixth Grade Social Studies/AVID instructor
Martin, Jenny Sixth Grade - Social Studies
McCartney, Melissa Eighth Grade - Math
McKinney, Penelope Special Education
Pearce, Michael Seventh Grade- History
Richardson, Patti Sixth Grade - Language Arts
Robinson, Jaclyn Seventh Grade - Science
Simpkins, David Related Arts - Band
Steers, Beth Sixth Grade - Math
Thomas, Tracey Library Media Specialist
Tidwell, Dontavius Choral Music
Vincent, Rhonda Counselor & English
Vincent, Tammy Sixth Grade-Math
Ward, Judy Career and Technical Education - Business Education

Abernathy, Tracy Nurse
Baulding, Renatta Child Nutrition Program
Bearden, Julie Child Nutrition Program
Brown, Marcus Child Nutrition Program
Farr, Lori Maintenance/Custodial
Forbus, Jackie Bookkeeper
Foster, Adam Instructional Assistant - Special Education
Gallups, Jennifer Instructional Assistant-Special Education
Hill, Victoria Child Nutrition Program Manager
Holland, Gayle Maintenance/Custodial-Head
Sims, Charlotte Instructional Assistant
Tyler, Linda Child Nutrition Program
Wilson, Michael Maintenance/Custodial
Zedaker, Martha Secretary

Culver, Gina PTO President
Zedaker, Ed NLMS Assistant Baseball Coach