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Rivers, Gary Principal
Bruno, Paula Assistant Principal
Arnold, Wendy Counselor

Aderholt, Laurie Sixth Grade - Language Arts
Bailey, Shelly Fine Arts - Art
Barnett, Jayne Related Arts - Physical Education
Beaudry, Ashley Eighth Grade- Language Arts
Brooks, Jay Sixth Grade Physical Education
Browning, Justin Career and Technical Education-Project Lead the Way
Bruno, Paula Assistant Principal
Childs, Samuel Band/Choral
Clark, Tricia History
Coley, Gay Seventh Grade - Math
Courson, Rhonda Eighth Grade - Language Arts
Dean, Cecelia Library/Media Specialist
Donahoo, Jennifer Title I
Faircloth, Billy Sixth Grade - Science
Fleaman, Caitlin Career Tech
Fleaman, Joseph Eigth Grade - Science
Gunnels, Haley Special Education
Henderson, Jamie Seventh Grade - Special Education
Holcomb, Cory Math
Holmes, Leanna Seventh Grade - Math
Hubbard, Natalie Seventh Grade - Language Arts
Lambert, Melissa Eighth Grade - Math
Looney, Tyler Sixth Grade Social Studies/AVID instructor
Martin, Jenny Sixth Grade - Social Studies
McKinney, Penelope Special Education
McLain, Emily Seventh Grade - Language Arts
Richardson, Patti Sixth Grade - Language Arts
Robinson, Jaclyn Seventh Grade - Science
Slaten, Karen Sixth Grade - Math
Smith, Victor Physical Education
Steers, Beth Sixth Grade - Math
Wilkinson, Chad History

Abernathy, Tracy Nurse
Baulding, Renatta Child Nutrition Program
Bearden, Julie Child Nutrition Program
Durden, Brenda Custodian
Forbus, Jackie Bookkeeper
Holland, William Custodian
Keith, Jennifer Instructional Assistant
Leonard, Shirley Instructional Assistant
Mizzell, Lois Child Nutrition Program
Nix, Kimberly Secretary
Sims, Charlotte Instructional Assistant
Stepp, Paul Custodian
Tyler, Linda Child Nutrition Program
Watson, Karen Manager, Child Nutrition Program
Zedaker, Martha Secretary

Proctor, Anna PTO President