AVID Tip of the Week

October 18-- Consider the following when writing a summary:

  • Use your own words except for important content words
  • Do not include comments, such as "I think..."
  • Do not repeat ideas or change the author's meaning

October 15-- Planning Ahead of Time-Using a planner is critical to being on time, staying organized, and using time effectively.  Record all practices, meetings, and activities that you do each week in your planner.  List test dates, project and assignment due dates.  Finally, record when and how much time you are doing to dedicate each night to studying, working on projects or assignments, or completing homework. 

October 1 -- Do you know how to calculate your GPA?  Your GPA is important for clubs and honor societies, scholarships, and college admittance!

September 19 --Hole-punch all assignments and place them behind the appropriate tab in your big binder!

September 11--At night, go back over your notes for the day and hightlight any key terms and the main idea.

September 4--Study 10 minutes every 24 hours for 7 days to see an improvement in test scores!  Spend 10 minutes a night reading over the questions and summary of your Cornell notes.